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Please send Prayer Requests to prq@shcoc.com
(Recent Praises and answered prayers in Red)

Prayer Requests
"Pray Without Ceasing" 1 Thessalonians 5:17

 People working at Armstrong - plant closing

 Candy's cousin Adam - liver cancer

 Alice Boyer - concussion

 Vicki - work needs replacements

 Sawyer -  going back to hospital

 Pam's co-worker Ashley - asked for prayer

 Larry and  Deanna's nephew Donald - health

 People in Puerto Rico-still recovering

 Kahlob's mother in law - dementia and poor health

 Billy Wallace - recovering from heart attack

 Dan Sr. - Health

 Ryan - encouragement to make positive changes

 Larry's Sister Dianne - Health

 Jim - Encouragement

 Doris - Health

 Paula and Christy - Missionaries in China

 Delrisa F. - Health

 Cris' cousin Chad and his Wife Katy - Daughter Charlotte has health problems

 Vikki Hunt - Surgeries and Recovering from accident

 Deanna Haukaas - Health

 Lori and Doug - Doug's health

 Missionaries across the world