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Please send Prayer Requests to prq@shcoc.com
(Recent Praises and answered prayers in Red)

Prayer Requests
"Pray Without Ceasing" 1 Thessalonians 5:17

 Andrea Bissell - Induced

 Vicki - Healing

 Josh and Leah - Traveling, Leah looking for job soon

 Co-worker of Chris Coy - Health

 Theresa - In pain and having trouble sleeping

 Candy - Health

 Candy's co-worker Megan - Heart issues

 Sheila DeLow - Severe burn

 Kahlob and Lena - Custody situation going well

 David W. And family - Moving to Washington

 Leah - Applications out for residency, hoping to get accepted locally

 Keith Bissell - Health

 Ivan, Carrie, & Tyler - Traveling to Reno

 Burt Bissell - Dealing with relative

 Deanna - Headaches

 Candy's Supervisor - Health

 Don's Co-worker Joannie - Skin cancer removal

 Don's Co-worker Mark W. - Mother has several health issues

 Laura A. - Health

 Tom P. - Health. Good results on tests. 

 Geoff - Health

 Courtney's Mother-in-law - recovering from operation

 Andrea Bissell - For safe pregnancy

 Students starting school

 Vicki - recovering from procedure

 Ruby's grandfather - Stem cell transplant for multiple myeloma

 Kevin C. - recovering from accidental explosion

 Becky's friend Lauren and baby Matteo

 Cherry Arnold - Health

 Sawyer doing better - still keep in prayer

 Don's co-worker Bruce - Encouragement

 Tom Brainard - Recovering in care facility

 Knowlton Family - grieving

 Evvie - Moving into Avamere for recovery

 Tess - Coming home November

 Hugh - health

 Riker - Guillain Barré Syndrome

 Christians in other countries - Facing serious persecution

 Kolby - Having problems right now

 Lori and Doug - Doug's health and Lori as she cares for him.

 Jennie G. - Serious symptoms. Kim and Dave trying to get help for her. Pray to be admitted to state hospital

 Brenda & Chris - Helping with Kolby

 Missionaries across the world