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Please send Prayer Requests to prq@shcoc.com
(Recent Praises and answered prayers in Red)

Prayer Requests
"Pray Without Ceasing" 1 Thessalonians 5:17

 Soren & Arabella - Baptized 04/21

 Steve Adkins - Surgery went well on 04/22. Recovering now

 Christians in other countries - Facing serious persecution

 Dan and Peggy & other family -Traveling to Kentucky

 Cris' Relatives - Living situation

 Kyle - Serious cut to thumb

 Doris Allen - Health

 Sylvia and Renee - General Prayers

 Friends of Cris - Marital issues

 Deanna - Still dealing with headaches

 Jake Thomas - Migraines

 Lori W. - pneumonia

 Vicki's Dad - health

 Ivan and Carrie - traveling next week

 Lyndsey P. - Pregnancy and getting close to due date

 Larry and Deanna - Great-grandson Julian born premature

 Steve's co-worker - Looking to learn more about God

 Vicki - Encouragement for coworker to keep positive attitude

 Courtney V. - Having problems with her ear

 Lori - Safety at work after threats were made

 Haukaas Family - Continued prayer

 Carrie - Test did find A. Fib. Follow ups coming

 Kolby - Having problems right now

 Lori and Doug - Doug's health and Lori as she cares for him.

 Ivan - Got good work schedule this sign up

 Vicki - Job opening at her work needs filled

 Miles - Health and encouragement

 Candy's relatives - Experienced several losses lately

 Jennie G. - Serious symptoms and Kim trying to get help for her

 Suzanne Alexander (Barton) - Serious health issues

 Brenda & Chris - Helping with Kolby

 Missionaries across the world